Meet Cindy

My family is a family of nerds. You can walk into my house and get into a debate about Harry Potter, Marvel, DC, Lord of the Rings, or Disney at any given moment. Looking around my house you would think we are pretty normal, messy and oddly book obsessed, but normal. Then we start talking. We will probably annoy you, definitely entertain you. You will find yourself shaking your head and wondering how any of us ever get anything done with the amount of debate over things like what would happen if Harry Potter found himself in Hobbiton.

My family at Silver Dollar City. This was supposed to be a picture of just my youngest and I!

And I love it. I wouldn’t trade any of it. Not my over grown adult child who is currently convinced we are all crazy (Even though I still remember him naming his first dog Pippin) or my rightfully annoyed teenage daughter who has fully embraced her nerdiness but has thankfully left behind the all black phase or my youngest who is the most stubborn child I have ever met, and he may be a genius, at least I keep telling myself that. Throw in the 2 cats, the dog, and an ever-increasing number of fish and my poor husband just shakes his head and helps me embrace the chaos.

 I live by the theory that a little love and a lot of Jesus is all that keeps this house afloat. And a LOT of coffee. (Mom’s, my best piece of advice, as soon as you are comfortable with your kids drinking coffee, get them hooked. Teach them to make the perfect pot. And let them take over. I now wake up in the morning to fresh ground beans in a perfect pot of fresh coffee every single morning. IT IS AMAZING.)

We play video games and board games and screen time is just something that happens in this house. We hike and vacation and love life. We also deal with debilitating anxiety, severe depression, and some weird eczema.  We chase BIG dreams, sometimes successfully, sometimes we fall flat on our faces, but we chase them.

One of the big ones for me was deciding to leave a career in retail and become a birth doula.  This journey has been one of my favorites, and I am always surprised by where it takes me.  I believe that women are strong, compassionate, and phenomenal. I believe that encouraging and lifting each other up should be a part of our every day language.  And I believe that we are meant to raise our families as a part of something bigger than just us.  Whatever your family dynamic, whatever story you are writing, I would love to come along side for a moment. 

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