Valentine’s Day With the Kids

Valentine’s Day is almost here! And whether you are like my husband and I and choose to celebrate on a different day in order to avoid the crowds, or you just can’t find a babysitter this year, you may be looking for some ways to celebrate with the kids. This year my husband, teens, and I will be having Valentine’s Day Nachos (Just like every day nachos, but on Valentine’s Day) and playing Exploding Kittens. Dustin and I will make reservations for our traditional dinner at Grunhauer here in Kansas City for sometime the week after. I will get him to dress up and go out and we will most likely end up wandering Target after dinner, because whats more romantic than Target?

Read on for 10 ways to celebrate as a family!

Valentine’s Day Family Dinner Candlelight, a beautiful table, the nice dishes and a pizza (or mac and cheese? Steak?) and you have a fun and memorable family dinner.  Kids love getting the chance to celebrate, so let them help decorate the table, paper cut out hearts make a fun table decoration! Sparkling juice adds a fun and inexpensive fanciness to the table.  We won’t tell if you splurge on a bottle of the real stuff either!  

I Love you Scavenger Hunt Grab a pack of colored paper and get to writing!   Each person has their own color, cut out strips, hearts, or get fancy with origami!  Write something you love about them and the clue to the next one on each piece!  At the end of the hunt have a new family game, movie, or activity that the clues bring them to!

Cookie Decorating Store bought sugar cookies, some frosting, and sprinkles make for a fun and easy activity for the family!  Take a moment and put down a wipeable table cloth or cover the table in an old sheet for quick and easy clean up afterwards.

Family Game Night A new game is always a fun way to bring the family together.  Even my teenagers will still come to the table for a game, some snacks, and some family.  Make some popcorn, grab some drinks, and set up the table with a new game or old favorite!

Strawberry Milk Hearts This time of year silicone heart molds can be found in most craft stores.  Freeze strawberry milk in the mold and add the frozen heart to a glass of milk with breakfast! Check out these adorable molds from JoAnn’s!

I love you because…. And once again another fun use for all that colored paper!  Give each person a page at the beginning of the week and post the page somewhere prominent in the house, the fridge door is a great location! Then for the rest of the week everyone in the family writes down what they love about that person!  ( I love you because you are always laughing! I love you because you make the best dad jokes! )  Make them unique!

Family Movie Night A movie, a pillow fort, and some popcorn make for a fun, easy, and cozy Valentine’s night!   Bonus, after the kids are in bed, grab a glass of wine and some chocolate covered strawberries for a grown-up movie!

Acts of Love Fill a jar, vase or bowl with random acts of kindness.  Each day a paper is drawn and an act of kindness is done! 

Hidden Love Notes Take some time to write individual love notes for the people in your family. Hide them in everyday places, like a coat pocket, the bathroom mirror, or a lunchbox! These little pieces of paper will create some big smiles!

Give Them Gifts To! Kids love gifts, but Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to break the bank! A rose, a chocolate, or a fun balloon will make them feel special and is a fun tradition to start!

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