The NICU: How to be prepared

If you’ve searched around our site, you probably know we volunteer with Keeping Community Women’s Ministry (KCWM). Cindy and I (Brittney) volunteer as doulas and as leadership with KCWM. We work closely with Kristen Mason, doula and owner of Childbirth Together. This month, KCWM is hosing an Enrichment Workshop about the NICU.

There is a hole in NICU information for families, and doulas. This enrichment is a step to bridge that gap and hopefully fill some of the hole to help reduce the fear associated with a baby needing care in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, more commonly known as the NICU. As doulas we talk a lot about making informed decisions for labor and delivery. That conviction flows to infant and childcare as well. Growing a family is a unique experience for each parent and it is made easier by having as much knowledge as you can about the decisions you potentially have to make for your family.

The Enrichment Workshop is being taught by our guest speaker, Jasmine Braun, RN (said like brown). She’s been a NICU Registered Nurse for the last year and a half working in the NICU at OPR in Olathe, KS. Her career has seen many situations where babies have come to the NICU for her care. The lack of information parents have when they go to the NICU with their newborn is disheartening so Jasmine worked closely with Kristen Mason to help prepare and educate families to help improve outcomes.

You can learn more about Jasmine Braun, RN in Kristen’s blog What’s Happening: NICU Basics with Jasmine Braun RN.

We try to help the most vulnerable population and support the family unit at the same time because the NICU is typically difficult for everyone involved.

Jasmine Braun

A baby born prior to 37 weeks is considered premature. A premature infant will spend time in the NICU and every year approximately half a million babies need the NICU (National Perinatal Association). Many parents do not understand why their newborn needs the NICU. Learning some of the reasons before the birth of your baby can help reduce the anxiety and fear that builds when unexpectedly needing the expert care of NICU nurses.

I’m very excited to take this training both for myself as a doula and for my clients. This is one of those vital trainings for all birth workers who have clients who could potentially end up in the NICU.

You can get tickets on KC Women’s Ministry website and join us this Thursday February 18th, 2021!

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