You may have seen on Facebook and Instagram that I’ve decided to rebrand. Moving forward, I want to focus on photography. My specialty is maternity, birth, newborn, family and fairy and fantasy. Building my skills taking amazing photos and editing them in a realistic yet magical way that help preserve memories and make women feel beautiful, powerful and elegant. I want to find my style with the goal of that style being happy, fun, bright, full of love. I love that boosted natural look and whimsical feel.

My focus is on the mother and the family. How amazing pregnancy can be amidst the discomforts. Remember that we are strong and beautiful even when our bellies are huge making us feel like beached whales and we are exhausted from growing a tiny human. My photos are to show how strong a mother is, how absolutely stunning she is as show grows that life because it’s so easy to forget. Once our precious bundle is born, I want to remember those tiny hands and feet that are so cute and nibble worthy; those facial features that change so quickly in the course of just a few short weeks and years. As our families grow, I want to show how magical childhood can be not just for the child but also for the mother who gets to watch that child grow and learn. As she watches her little girl play fairy and princess and save her sister from the dragon or her little boy play superhero and use his super speed to save the day. Those memories are so precious to us mothers. I want to preserve those memories so we can remember how amazing our children are, and how amazing we are for being their mother.

I still have a passion for birth because women truly are amazing. I would be honored to be your birth photographer and will take a birth as both a photographer and doula through Brie’Denee. I’m exclusively going to take birth doula support only clients through KC Women’s Ministry. If you’re looking for a birth doula, I’d love to support you! Please reach out to KCWM and request me as your birth doula. A portion of all funds paid to KCWM are used to provide doula services to those in the area at or below poverty level. Every family should have education and support if they want it.

Why Brie’Denee?

My family nickname is Brie. Denee comes from the middle name of my mother, partner and fellow photographer, Carrie Cordsen Windsor. So the name is US.

We’ll see you soon at your next photoshoot!

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