Making Fairy Wings

For our fairy photoshoots, I made all our wings and dresses. They are actually very fun to make.

The first set used in this shoot we just used those wings you get at the dollar store. They are a thick wire covered in a stretchy pantyhose material. The photos turned out super cute but we wanted a more magical wing.

So, I went on to the next adventure of making wings!

Good thing I like crafting…a lot. lol. Another behind the scenes tidbit, I made the dress she’s wearing, too.

Making the Wings

The first set of wings I made were actually a design I got from a fairy photography course Carrie and I took by Robert Provencher. It’s his Fairy Success Course. Very reasonable and we learned a lot. He even included some wing patterns. I didn’t want to make them out of fabric, as the pattern indicates, so I went to trusty YouTube and started watching videos on how to make wings. I had a design so I didn’t need to make one up, just print it out.

During my search, I found this video. Super helpful! I find that I keep coming back to it. She uses her Cricut Maker to cut out cardstock for the wing pattern then puts a thick 12g wire around the outside edges for stability. The wings are then covered in a sticky clear vinyl with a layer of cellophane on the other side. Seems simple, right?


  • 12g aluminum wire
  • Clear vinyl
  • Cellophane
  • Cricut Maker machine & program
  • White floral tape
  • 12×18 or 12×24 cardstock
  • Heat Press with something to protect your hands
  • Scissors
  • Exacto Knife
  • Wing pattern (you can make one or purchase one)
Practice session with Wire Wings

Well, I didn’t have a pattern my Cricut could cut out so I improvised. I had lots of wire so I cut out a ton of wire pieces, using the pattern from the Fairy Success course, and hot glued them all together. Once that was done, I followed the steps outlined by Fancy Fairy Wings & Things.

This image to the left was just a practice session. We were playing with the setup, lighting, settings for the camera and flash and posing. So these are far from our finished product but you can see this first set of wings here. It was important to see how they looked on camera.

I learned a lot through the process of making those wings. The veins don’t show up nearly as much as we’d like and they weren’t as sturdy as I’d like, either. So, It was time to make another round of wings. This time, I wanted a smaller set and a larger set.

For this round, I really wanted to get the design in my Cricut. Not only is it way quicker than cutting out a ton of little pieces of wire, it’s also much faster. Considering I had 2 sets of wings to make this time and I wanted them done in a week, that sounded like a great idea to get it done with the help of my Cricut. It doesn’t look like I saved the video but I found a lady who draws her own designs, goes into a paint program (or you can use Photoshop if you know how) to thicken and clean up the lines, then pulls it into the Cricut program that way. It worked great! I also purchased a wing design set from ATPTextures on Etsy for the smaller set of wings I wanted to use for babies, which also worked great in Cricut.

Each wing set has 6 wings, 3 one each side. It took a bit to let it all cut out with the Cricut but it was so much faster than using wire! And I love that you can see the wing “veins” when they are being worn. Once I got the wire outline done, I taped each wing individually to the wires with white floral tape. I left each one separate until after I applied the vinyl and cellophane. Once those were on I taped the wings together to make the base.

I LOVE how they turned out and how they look on the little girls. The can be clustered together or spread out. I’m planning some more with black veining and maybe some where I do a watercolor or painting on the paper before cutting. They have this awesome pre-glittered paper I’d love to try out, too. Or put some of the glittered vinyl on the paper before cutting. Not sure that would work but you never know until you try. Then maybe a set with a colored vinyl instead of the clear vinyl, just to see what it looks like. So many possibilities!

Again, it’s a good thing I like crafting!

We’d love to do a fairy session with you and your kiddos! Fairy photoshoots are for boys too. Reach out to us to schedule your magical photoshoot.

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