Fairy Photoshoot with Stella

We had a fantastic photoshoot with Stella, a sweet little 4 year old girl, last month. We had so much fun doing photos with her and her sister. It was a pleasure watching her relax and begin to play in the fairy space.

To help her get into the magical mood, we had a forest with fairies flying and magic floating. Twinkle music playing to set the scene for her. Of course, we had our set ready to go so all she had to do was choose a dress, flower crown and step into the magical world.

Through the photoshoot, we looked for fairies under the mushroom, held a lantern with magic inside and played with frogs that might turn into a prince with a little kiss.

Then we got baby sister in on the fun and did some baby and sibling shots.

We’d love to do a fairy session with you and your kiddos! Fairy photoshoots are for boys too. Reach out to us to schedule your magical photoshoot.

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